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Subaru Impreza UK Turbo 2000
A genuine UK car with just 2 previous owners and having covered less than 34,000 miles, this is a rare opportunity to acquire an exceptional example of an appreciating modern classic. Remaining completely standard and unmodified, to state that this is a rare find would surely be something of an understatement.


It almost goes without saying that with less than 34,000 miles on the clock the engine sounds and performs exceptionally well. In all honesty it really is very difficult to find fault with the vehicle mechanically, it certainly does defy its age. Having had a full service and timing belt change within the last few months at a Subrau specialist, the car can be driven with absolute confidence in its ability to perform.

Factory fitted with the optional Quick Shift gear change linkage at a cost £350, the gearbox feels tight with a satisfyingly short throw. Again, as you would expect of a vehicle of such low mileage, there are no whines or disconcerting noises raising cause for concern.


The exterior of the car is in excellent overall condition. Looking down both sides of the vehicle, the panels are exceptionally straight with a notable lack of dents as you would usually expect to find, especially given the absence of protective panel trims.

However, as is true of any 16 year old car, it would be wrong to claim that it is impeccable. There are a number of minor age related marks, though nothing that greatly detracts from the overall condition.

There is no evidence of rust on either of the rear wheel arches, an area often requiring attention on this model. The door shuts are spotless with absolutely no signs of corrosion. In fact, externally, the absence of corrosion is quite notable given the susceptibility of the early Imprezas to this.

The near total absence of stone chips to the front of the car suggests that the bonnet has likely been painted whilst in possession of the first keeper. The front bumper is free of scrapes and has avoided contact with any high curbs.


Inside the car everything remains in quite exceptional condition and testifies to the low mileage of the vehicle. All electrics function as they should including the electrically operated sunroof fitted new at a cost of £540.43. The dash, centre console and door panels are all virtually unmarked. The car is also equipped with air conditioning; another costly and desirable factory fit option (a painfully expensive £1148.94).

Inspecting the seats there is a remarkable lack of wear with even the driver seat bolster remaining virtually indistinguishable from new. All interior trim appears to be present and free from damage. Such is the general originality of the car that it retains the original radio cassette head unit (however it appears this may have a fault).


All four wheels are in exceptional condition having recently been professionally refurbished. There are absolutely no kerb marks or damage to the painted rim and each wheel remains free of any signs of corrosion.

Four new Bridgestone Potenza tyres were fitted less than 1,000 miles ago at a cost of around £300.


In September of last year, at 28,563 miles, the car underwent a service including timing and auxiliary belt change. At the same time the rear brake discs and pads were also replaced. In total over £850 was spent ensuring that the vehicle is mechanically sound and well maintained. Shortly afterward on December 5th the vehicle was issued with a new MOT certificate reporting no advisories.

Within the last month a new exhaust back box has been fitted retaining the standard, unmodified appearance. For added peace of mind, the car will be sold with a fresh 12 month MOT.

Further time has since been spent rectifying a couple of other small niggles including a noisy central locking solenoid.